Our Purpose.

We Fill Hiring Pipelines.

Our Contingency sourcing solutions means you get to see, interview and test excellent candidates before paying anything. We work with a Senior, Unique, and Diverse candidate pool and specialize is attracting them to apply to your studio. We don’t pitch resumes, we present qualified candidates who aren’t just interested in a job but in your specific studio and project.

We Attract Talent.

Our recruitment marketing support does the heavy lifting for your Marketing and Talent teams. We create specific marketing promotions that highlight you studio’s unique culture through videos and images designed to be unlike any job descriptions you’ve seen before. Our designs attract and intrigue passive candidates interested in your specific studio.

We’re an Extra Set of Arms.

And hands and eyes. Our Retained services allows your existing talent team to focus on what they do best while adding a specialize sourcer, screener, and marketer to attract and hire talent. Best for studios hiring 5+ roles, this service gives you all the benefits of a full-time recruiter without having to on-board an employee.

Meet The Team.

Chris Anderson
Founder | Consultant

Chris started in gaming in Community Management and Testing and hasn’t stop talking about games since. He ran Talent Acquisition at Ubisoft Winnipeg hiring Senior Engineers then attracted the world’s best to work on Minecraft and Halo at Skybox Labs. Chris is a relationship builder with a specialty in “selling” your studio to candidates who didn’t even know they were looking.

Rachael Boyce
Manager | Consultant

A force for good with a passion for female-representation in gaming, Rachael is relationship-focused and takes the ‘light-touch’ approach to recruitment, seeking out and building rapport with the best of the best. Her specialty is in learning what drives senior talent in their careers to ensure key hires have full buy-in to their new studio.

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